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What are Global Talent and Global Promise Visas?

You can apply for a Global Talent visa if you’re a leader in your field and a Global Promise visa if you are a potential leader.

To qualify for this visa, you must be at least 18 years old and prove that you are a leader or potential leader in one of the following areas:

  • Academiy or Research
  • Culture and Art
  • Digital technology

What Are the Advantages?

A 5-year residence visa is issued directly to the applicant. However, depending on the application category, they may be entitled to receive the Indefinite Residence in 3 years instead of 5 years.

The applicant can bring family members to the UK as dependants. Dependants are free to work; they can set up their own companies or work in an institution on a salary basis.

It is the only type of visa where 185 days rule may not be required depending on your work field. Unlike current visa types, financial requirements to extend your stay or apply for an indefinite visa are less challenging.

Who Can Apply?

Individuals who have demonstrated international talent can apply. They must be published, performed, or contributed to a prestigious project outside their home country.

What Areas Does It Cover?

It covers many fields such as technology, software, hardware, science, engineering, medicine, academic sciences, dance and performing arts, photography, film, production, music, culture, art, design and social sciences.

The Application Process

The applicant must;
• Receive a letter from an Endorsing Body in the UK confirming their talent
• Submit two letters from institutions or individuals explaining why they are exceptional talent

Present media interviews or reports if they can, or evidence of shows/fairs in other countries that they participated in or contributed significantly to an internationally recognised project. For example, the applicant composed a song for a movie that received an award abroad and the relevant institution or individual gives a letter explaining the composer's contribution to the award. In that case, the applicant can use this letter to prove their talent.
• A total of 10 documents must be submitted to prove the applicant is a global talent.

Endorsing Bodies

Arts Council England: Combined arts, dance, literature, music, theatre, visual arts (including museums and galleries)

Producers' Alliance for Film and Television (PACT): Animation, film, post-production, television, visual effects

British Fashion Council: Fashion design industry
Royal Institute of British Architects: Architecture
The Royal Society: Science
The Royal Academy of Engineering: Engineering
The British Academy: Humanities and Social Sciences
Tech Nation: Digital Technology
UK Research and Innovation: Science & Innovation

After receiving your approval letter from the Endorsement Body, you must submit your visa application within 3 months.

Additional information

The applicant must prove that they have been active in their field within the last five years. Successful applicant can stay in the UK with no obligation to prove their work or any financial gain in the UK unless they are willing to apply for Indefinite Residency.

Academics who have completed their PhD and have international publications and have a cooperation, fellowship or research agreement with academic institutions in the UK may also benefit from this visa.

The Endorsing Body letter is not required to apply for the Global Promise visa, but the applicant must present evidence that they are potential global talents.

Permanent Residence and Citizenship

Global Talent or Global Promise visa holders who are approved by an endorsing body in science, engineering, humanities and medicine can apply for Indefinite Residency after 3 years and later for the citizenship.

This period is 5 years for applicants in digital technology, arts and culture.

After completing your application, the decision is generally; 3 weeks if you are outside the UK; If you are in the UK, it can take up to 8 weeks.