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Netherlands Ankara Agreement Visa

If you want to set up your own company (Self-Employed) in the Netherlands, you must first apply for a Temporary Residence Permit (MVV).


1) Your business must generate revenue and contribute to the Netherlands economy

2) You must be registered in the Trade Register of the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, (Kamer van Koophandel)

3) You must prove that you have the necessary documents and skills, as well as having the relevant experience and expertise in the business you will establish in the Netherlands.

4) You must meet the income criteria and indicate this in your business plan.

Economic Criteria

The products or services you offer must be new to the Netherlands. To assess this, the IND seeks advice from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).
The RVO makes recommendations on behalf of the Minister for Economic Affairs.

RVO evaluates you and your business in the Netherlands in 3 criteria:

1) Your personal experience

2) Your business plan

3) Values you can add to the Netherlands

Turkish citizens are not subject to the point system thanks to the Association Agreement signed between Turkey and European countries in 1963.

Income Criteria

Your income must be equal, or more than the amount required for the residence permit you are applying for.

The required amount, valid by June 2022, to apply for a residence permit to set up your own business (Self-Employed) in the Netherlands; is € 1,304,10.
This is monthly gross profit with holiday allowance.

IND Application Fees

Residence permit with MVV: € 70,00
Extension: € 69,00

Decision of Your Application

A decision is expected by the IND within 90 days.

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